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Lazar Angelov Gainer Chocolate Bucket 5.1 Kg

Lazar Angelov Gainer Chocolate Bucket 5.1 Kg

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We all want to develop perfect, lean muscle, but when we get to the level that we need to increase our intake of nutrients, many people try to achieve this with an inadequate diet.

This can be for a number of reasons: on the one hand, there is a level in the development at which huge amounts of normal food have to be taken in and with a frequency that is difficult to do in everyday life. Another common reason is that the selection of these specific nutrients and vitamins important for muscle building already requires professional knowledge. Lazar Nutrition Black Line products support hardcore bodybuilding. This Gainer product offers a solution to the problems above: It combines everything you need to build robust muscle mass. And all this in a single tasty shake!


In addition to the protein and carbohydrates needed for growth, Lazar Nutrition Gainer combines nutrient matrixes that give an extra boost to professional bodybuilding. The creatine complex formula in the product can help you get those gains faster and much more efficiently.

Creatine has been most popular in the world of bodybuilders in recent decades. It plays a role in many physiological processes, especially its beneficial effects on muscles. Thanks to its amino acid composition, Gainer contributes to protein synthesis and provides well-needed assistance.

However, support for muscle development does not stop with carbohydrate and protein intake. What is less talked about, though very important, is vitamin supplementation. That’s why we added a vitamin complex formula to Lazar Nutrition Gainer. This is a vitamin combo that we have carefully selected during the development of the product with a special focus on the goals of bodybuilders.

In order to enhance the effect of these ingredients, which are essential for muscle growth, Lazar Nutrition Gainer has even been supplemented with ingredients of natural plant origin. One of the most valuable of these is tribulus terrestris fruit extract, which acts like testosterone in the human body, thus increasing the formation of massive muscle mass.

All in all, the Lazar Nutrition Gainer is a top prize for those who want to get large amounts of valuable nutrients into their bodies quickly and efficiently.

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