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Lazar Angelov Isolate Protein 2.27 Kg

Lazar Angelov Isolate Protein 2.27 Kg

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Protein is the number one weapon for bodybuilders. Everyone knows how important it is to consume protein to build muscle effectively. If you like the creamy taste, we have good news for you! Lazar Nutrition Black Line Whey has a very creamy taste thanks to its innovative recipe and is available in multiple flavors. This makes it easy to put into your daily diet.

In addition to having a protein content of 78%, we also supplemented it with digestive enzymes for more efficient absorption and incorporation.

In bodybuilding and competitive sports, you can’t be in the top category without bringing the right amount and quality of protein into your body. Protein is a kind of jolly joker when it comes to development, as it plays a key role in the muscle building phase, the strength building phase, but even the fiberization phase. No matter where you are now in achieving your goals, you should always pay attention to your protein intake. Whey protein is an ideal choice if you want to be consistent and make sure you provide the right amount every day.

It is a high quality whole protein that contains all the essential amino acids. With just one serving of Lazar Whey, you provide 23 grams of lean protein to your body with minimal fat and carbohydrate intake. So this is a brilliant way to increase muscle mass without gaining unwanted extra fat. What is also important about the product is that we have provided a total of 3 types of digestive enzymes to help your body process it. This makes absorption and incorporation into the muscle much more efficient. One of these 3 enzymes is the enzyme lactase, but it also contains two enzymes of plant origin, bromelain and papain.

I highly recommend you to take whey protein within 1 hour of finishing your workout to help the recovery of your muscles and help your body build more.

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