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Lazar Angelov Protein Whey 2.27 Kg

Lazar Angelov Protein Whey 2.27 Kg

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Absolute impact for perfect results! Fill up your body with my WHEY protein Powder Drink Mix and enjoy the maximum power of my Whey Protein. In this high-class formula you will find 23g of lean protein per portion enabling you to maintain and grow muscle mass fast. I take it after every workout to keep my muscles in the perfect condition and help their recovery. Pick your favourite taste and follow your dream to the perfect body as I did.

If you want to build muscle, boost your performance, and make the most out of all your hard work in the gym, or simply looking to increase your protein intake, Whey Protein Concentrate is the way to go. Make the most of your workouts with it. Each serving is packed with 23 grams of high-quality, fast-digesting and absorbing whey protein to support even the most rigorous athletic and fitness goals.

It contributes to the growth and maintenance of healthy bones as well. Whey Protein Concentrate is made of milk, that means it’s a complete protein, it provides all the necessary amino acids your body can’t synthesize and must be supplied by diet. Choose your favourite flavour and grow like a pro.

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